Business Ideas for a Small Scale Startup

1 Errand Service

With the pace of life increasing every day, people are getting busier than ever. They have less time to do the mundane tasks of their day to day life such as, paying bills, dry-cleaning clothes, car washing, etc. It doesn’t require much, only a legal agreement and then a car and cell phone. Build your reputation and then your client base.

2 Babysitting Services

Babies are loved by their parents, but they can’t be brought to work and that’s where these babysitting services come into play, so there is a great potential top start this service. As soon as you build trust with your clients, your business will flourish by leaps and bounds.

3 Pet Sitting Services

The pets are also loved by their owners, but just like babies, they can’t be brought to work and that’s where pet sitting services are needed.

4 Freelance Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are the people who are needed by everyone, whether it’s a website or a newspaper or a brochure service, if you have the required skills and professional ability, you can get work. As a freelancer, you can get certain clients and then not let them leave your services by providing good work. There are many websites on the web where freelance designers can offer their services and get work on regular basis.

5 Translator

If you know multiple languages and are able to translate to and from any two languages, this can be a profitable business for you. You will also need some organizational, communication and interpersonal skills to go with it. You can translate text or even provide your services as a translator when a meeting of such dynamic takes place between two entities.

6 Social Media Consultant

There is a fair chance that you spend majority of your time on the web using social media sites. If you are good at that and understand the subtleties of social media marketing and content developing, with little training and resources, you can start a social media consultancy business.

7 Social Media Expert

Social networking sites have caused a revolution in the marketing world and now the marketing experts consider it with absolute focus. As a result, now there are proper jobs of social media experts who are dedicated professionals to manage the activities of a company on the social networking sites.

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